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Nestlé Nescafé Coffee Vending Machines and Coffee Bean vending solutions.

Bravilor Quinto
Coffee Vending Machine

The Bravilor Quinto is a machine for instant ingredients, brewed per cup. For locations with water connection. The machine is equipped with a plastic drip-tray and rinsing programme. This model has 4 canisters for 10 different beverages: coffee, coffee crème, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee with milk, cafe vienna, double espresso and hot water.

Key Features

 •  Unique mixing system for a perfect in-cup quality
 •  The Bravilor Bonamat hot water system is less susceptible to scaling
 •  Quick and easy operation
 •  Easy to maintain: automatic descale and rinsing system
 •  Compact design in metallic blue

 •  Café au lait
 •  Cappaccino
 •  Coffee
 •  Crema coffee
 •  Espresso
 •  Double espresso
 •  Hot chocolate
 •  Hot water

Bravilor Esprecious
High Volume Coffee Vending Machine

The Esprecious 22 has two grinders. The divided bean canister can be used for two sorts of beans to serve even more coffee specialities. You can add for instance decaf, espresso or regular beans. You can set each grinder as you’d like, coarsely or finely ground. The two canisters for instant ingredients can be filled with topping and cacao for coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino and hot chocolate.

Key Features

 •  Intuitive touchscreen control for easy operation.
 •  Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously.
 •  Accepts all sorts of coffee beans (including decaf).
 •  Automatic rinsing system to optimise the in-cup quality.
 •  Day/cumulative counter data exportable to i.e. Excel.
 •  Separate hot water tap.
 •  Unique hot water system to reduce scaling.
 •  Touchscreen with extended marketing possibilities (photo, video and audio).
 •  Compatible with coin exchangers or other external devices.
 •  ECO energy-saving mode.
 •  In height adjustable double outlet for various cup sizes.

Bianchi Lei
Fully automatic espresso machine

The Bianchi Lei SA is a semi-automatic office coffee service machine available in bean-to-cup or instant coffee versions with a great flexibility of beverage configurations, this model can be used with a water supply or with an autonomous pump and tank should plumbing not be available for the coffee machine.

Key Features

 •  Made In Italy
 •  Automatic espresso coffee machine one touch operation
 •  12 product selections including espresso coffee,cappuccino, chocolate & tea
 •  Ideal for an Office or Food Service
 •  Large 800 gram coffee bean hopper
 •  3 product canisters for milk power/chocolate & tea or soup
 •  Bean-to-cup: Black Coffee
 •  Bean-to-cup: Cafe Latte
 •  Bean-to-cup: Cappuccino
 •  Bean-to-cup: Espresso
 •  Bean-to-cup: Espressochoc
 •  Bean-to-cup: Latte Macchiato
 •  Bean-to-cup: Latte Machiatto
 •  Bean-to-cup: Moccaccino
 •  Bean-to-cup: White Coffee
 •  Hot Chocolate
 •  Hot Water
 •  Instant Coffee: Black Coffee
 •  Instant Coffee: Caffe Latte
 •  Instant Coffee: Cappuccino
 •  Instant Coffee: Espresso
 •  Instant Coffee: Espressochoc
 •  Instant Coffee: Moccaccino
 •  Instant Coffee: White Coffee
 •  Milky Chocolate
 •  Strong Chocolate
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